Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of my subconscious feelings, daydreams, and the life force that connects us all. Through balanced compositions, immersive detailing, and intentional color palettes, I pay homage to the brilliance of nature.

I love transmuting energy through drawing. I channel my appreciation of music into balanced, dream-like scapes containing imagery based on lyrics from my favorite albums, and I often add extra pairs of eyes to portraits and butterflies/moths to represent the expansion of perspective; going beyond what one knows in order to see things a different way. I am committed to continual growth; adjusting mindsets that are no longer serving me, taking chances that scare me, and doing more than I believe myself to be capable of every day. I draw beings, things, and feelings that make me especially excited about being alive.


Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Frederiksen has been making art throughout her life. With a focus in drawing, she explores the overlap between fantasy and reality; her contemporary take on surrealism, pop art, and psychedelia, paired with borderline neurotic precision, is unique and ever-evolving. She is twenty four years old and currently based in Los Angeles.


2019 · Solo Show: Soul Home, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA (in collaboration with Kel Fisher). May 9 - July 12.

2019 · Group Show: Matters of the Heart, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA. February 7 - March 7.

2019 · Duo Exhibition with Kii Arens, We Are Hear: Studio City, Los Angeles, CA. January & February.

2018 · Solo Show: Double Vision, Exhibit A Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. December 14.

2018 · 54th Annual Newport Beach Arts Exhibition, Newport Beach, CA. June 16.

2015-16 · Duo Exhibition, Fido, Nashville, TN. November - January.

2013 · Student Group Show, Frist Art Museum, Nashville, TN